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Robert T. Dolan, MD

Some of my interests include biomedical science and technology, the history of scientific thought and methods, mathematics, philosophy, military history,computer science, modern architecture, languages, ju-jitsu and other martial arts, scuba diving, sports medicine.

My contributions so far: artery, nitrogen narcosis

Welcome to the 'pedia Robert! If you have the time, could you look at the taxol article I submitted to make sure I didn't make any major (or minor for that matter) errors? I am not an MD so I defer to your expertise. maveric149

Thanks for your kind words on my Talk page. If you ever have a question on how to do something around the 'pedia, don't hesitate to ask. Oh, and most wikipedia users (not all mind you) are choosing to move their user pages to the new format. To do so, just copy the text in Robert Dolan, paste it here, and then delete all the text in Robert Dolan. You can then insert the following: #REDIRECT [[User:Robert Dolan]] That way, people visiting your old page will be directed to the new one automatically. You can also move all the messages people write to your Talk page -- otherwise, your user page begins to get a bit messy (see Larry Sanger for an example). Of course, here in the wiki, you don't have to do anything you don't really want to. Isn't it cool! --maveric149